4th of July Chili Bar

Holiday Helpings Chili Bar

4th of July BBQs are an American tradition, but it’s time to spice things up a little bit! This year skip the classic burgers and hotdogs and set up a 4th of July Chili Bar!

Holiday Helpings 4th of July

A 4th of July Chili Bar is a fun spin on the classic BBQ and requires a lot less work and cleanup. No more running back and forth to the BBQ or cold burgers. You can prepare the chili ahead of time on the stove or in a crockpot and majority of the toppings can be prepared ahead of time as well. Being able to have everything ready before the party will make it much more enjoyable for you!

4th of July BBQ Ideas

Make sure to offer a variety of toppings. We offered two types of cheeses, onions, bell peppers, crackers, and corn. There are so many things you can put on chili so have some fun when deciding what toppings to provide.

4th of July BBQ

Don’t be afraid to put the toppings in different containers for serving. We used galvanized cups, a galvanized tray, and small glass jars. Make sure to label the toppings so your guests know what they are putting on their chili. We used chalkboard labels for the toppings but used a silver Sharpie instead of chalk to make it easier to write.

Patriotic Cornbread 4th of July

Everyone loves cornbread and it is one of my favorite American treats! We decided to make cornbread muffins so they were easier for people to grab and eat. We baked them in patriotic cupcake liners to add some color and put them in a burlap basket.

4th of July Chili Bar

The burlap sack around the baguette was not just for looks, it’s also functional. So many times when people rip off a piece of bread they touch the whole baguette. By using the burlap sack people will be touching that and not the whole baguette making it more sanitary for everyone. Plus, the burlap sack adds a nice rustic element to the table.

4th of July Mason Jars

We wanted to use mason jars as bowls so we tied wooden spoons to each jar using twine. Having the spoons tied to the jars saves space on the table and makes it easier for your guests. The mason jars also add a nice rustic decoration to the overall table display.

4th of July BBQ

To decorate the table we used different sized American flags in mason jars and added a pinwheel for variety. We also planted wheat grass in the small galvanized cups and inserted little American flags to add a pop of color.

Patriotic Tablescape

If you don’t want to make the chili yourself, you can ask your guests to bring a pot of their own chili for everyone to share and you can provide the fixings. You could even have a little chili cook-off asking people to vote for their favorite.

Chili in a Mason Jar Holiday Helpings

Your guests will love your 4th of July Chili Bar and will appreciate your creativity. Happy 4th of July!!! I want to thank Marissa Winchester for working with me to capture these wonderful photos. Thanks Marissa! You are an all-star!

photo credit: Marissa Winchester, Sweet Poppy Studios

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