Gifts That Give Back: A Small Gesture For A Worried Friend

The Worry Doll Legend comes from Indian villages of Guatemala. They say, you can tell one worry to each doll before you go to bed and place them under your pillow and while you sleep the dolls will take your worries away. The beautiful story behind the legend brings comfort to those facing challenging times.

I have a special set of Worry Dolls from my Dad and truly believe in the Legend. I give Worry Dolls to friends struggling with personal or family troubles. It is a small gesture to show that you are there for them.

UPAVIM Crafts in Guatemala makes Worry Dolls. UPAVIM Crafts is a cooperative of about 80 women who live outside of Guatemala City. Many of these women are sole providers for their families. UPAVIM‘s mission is to empower these women in their community and enable them to improve the quality of their lives. You can purchase your own a set of  Worry Dolls and help these women by clicking here.

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