A Unique Christmas Party Idea

This year my friends and I wanted to throw a Christmas cocktail party but also wanted to avoid the cost of providing the alcohol. I came up with a party idea that met both of those needs; a Christmas Date and a Gift party.

The Concept:

Each couple brings some form of alcohol wrapped up as a gift. As the guest arrive each gift is assigned a number and a corresponding number is placed in a bowl. Each couple then picks a number from the bowl and opens their gift.┬áCouples are allowed to share their alcohol, and drink others as long as their bottle remains in their possession at all times. I found this “rule” actually engaged all the guests and facilitated conversations.

The Party:

Everyone had so much fun at the party! People were really creative with their gifts. My date and I opened a box with Jaegermeister, two shot glasses and Coke. Other gifts included: Peppermint Schnapps , Aged Rum, a mini keg, boxed wine, Sake, Sweet Tea Vodka and Sangria.

The Review:

I would love to make this party an annual tradition, but would change a few things. Here are the two problems we realized with the idea:

Problem #1: You have to wait for every guest to arrive before opening the gifts, which means there is an awkward amount of time without any alcohol available. If I threw this party again I would have some wine or beer for the guest while they waited for everyone to arrive.

Problem #2: The other problem we had was the variety of alcohol at the party. It was fun to see how creative people were with their gift choices, but that also meant everyone was mixing a lot of alcohols. Needless to say people were feeling a little sick the next day. If I threw the party again I might consider suggesting a genre of alcohol, perhaps wines, or rums, etc.

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