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By the title of my blog it should be obvious that I love the holidays. I love everything about holidays and special occasions: cooking, wrapping gifts, planning parties, and making memories with family and friends. Basically, anything you need for any holiday will be on this blog.

You may be wondering who I am and why I think you need my advice. Granted I am only 23, yet I have been the holiday maven for my family and friends for years. I have hosted parties of all kinds, cooked for over 100 people, won awards for my recipes, written countless thank you cards, and even usurped my dad’s workbench to create a wrapping station. I understand that having a busy schedule and work can make it hard to entertain and cook every night. That is why I want to reach out to all of the thousands of “holiday hosts” like me. I will show you how to make everyone think you are the perfect host… even if you only show off your skills on those special holidays.

I want to thank my family and friends for supporting Holiday Helpings. To my parents, thank you for all of your love and encouragement and for teaching me to follow my dreams. To my sister, thank you for being a great role model and for reminding me to read my emails. To my dear friends, thank you for always being there and for loving my craziness. To Chase Rief, thank you for making my dream blog a reality and answering my countless emails. Thank you everyone for all your support!

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