All You Need To Make A College Care Package

Now is a great time to send a college care package! Here are 7 items that all new college students will appreciate.

What You Need~

  1. “Listography: Your Life In Lists” ( this is a fun book that will help them document their college experience)
  2. Shower Sandals ( by now they have realized how disgusting community showers can be)
  3. Gift Card or Cash ( a gift card to a local restaurant, grocery store or just some extra cash is a huge bonus for any college student)
  4. Photo From Home ( just a reminder that they still have a place to call home)
  5. Razors ( these are surprisingly expensive on a college budget)
  6. Toothbrushes ( these are also surprisingly expensive and not something you particularly want to waste money on)
  7. Stamps ( they will be glad to have them)

The nice thing about all these items is that they are relatively flat, light and easy to ship. Wrap each item individually except for the photo and the stamps which you can put in an envelope. Wrapping each item individually will add to the anticipation and excitement. Write a little note describing why you selected each item. Put it all in a shipping box and send it off.

Each school has a unique way of dealing with packages so make sure to ask or call the school. Some schools have you send the mail directly to the dorms while others have a main mail room with individual mail boxes. Use this care package as a test run, since nothing inside is perishable. If the package arrives quickly, you can send delicious treats in next time.

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