Birthday Party Crackers

Great gift for coworker

Finding the perfect little token gift for a coworker’s birthday isn’t always easy. You don’t want to spend too much on it but you do want them to feel special on their day.

These Happy Birthday Party Crackers by Souvenir Suitcase are exactly what you’ve been looking for! They are reasonably priced at $6 each and will kickoff the birthday celebration with a bang.┬áPlace one of these colorful Birthday Party Crackers on your coworker’s desk and it’s instantly decorated for birthday fun!┬áThe Birthday Party Cracker contains: a clown nose; bubble; whistle; paper crown; and a lucky number.

Inexpensive birthday gift for coworker

The Happy Birthday Party Cracker is already wrapped and you don’t have to worry about a card since you can write on the back of the tag. If you have a lot of coworkers you can stock up on these Happy Birthday Party Crackers and other party crackers so you are always ready to help your coworkers celebrate their special day. Not to mention, you will probably get a reputation for giving the most uniquely fun birthday gifts!

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