Black and White Family Photos

sweet poppy studios

You may recognize this adorable baby and the amazing photography by Sweet Poppy Studios. A couple of weeks ago I featured photos from Sweet Poppy Studios and decided to do it again.

Capturing a great family photo can be hard especially with a baby. Most of our family photo shoots were disasters and we usually had very few proofs to pick from. It takes a real talented photographer like Carleigh, owner of Sweet Poppy Studios, to position a family in a way that is both flattering and natural.

Timeless family photos like these make great gifts! Having black and white family portraits adds a stunning artistic element to any home.

Carleigh captured so many beautiful moments between this trio that it was a challenge picking just a couple to feature on this post. Next time you are looking for a great family photo check out

sweet poppy studios

sweet poppy studios

sweet poppy studios

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