Champagnes Deli and Grill

When I am in Newport Beach, CA Champagnes Deli and Grill is the first place I stop! Champagnes has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. In high school we were allowed to eat off-campus for lunch and I spent at least 3 days a week at Champagnes. Champagnes used to be a small market and deli but recently expanded into a new location. Now Champagnes is a deli and grill offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. They revamped the menu and added some amazing new items, but still offer prepackaged meals to go.

I have a hard time breaking food habits and my go-to order is still Honey Maple Turkey on Toasted Sourdough Bread. However, I have branched out and love their Roasted Veggie Pizza. There is something special about their pizza crust and I wish I knew what it was because it is awesome! They also sell my favorite chips, Balboa Chips, which pair nicely with my turkey sandwich.

Next time you are in Newport Beach, stop by Champagnes! You won’t be disappointed!

Champagnes Deli and Grill is located at 1260 Bison Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92660 

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