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Unique Shower Idea Boxed Lunch

Traditional boxed lunches are less than glamourous… I will let you insert your own horrible boxed lunch story as we all have them. There should be a support group : )

Now, this chic boxed lunch setup I saw on Southern Weddings is a whole different thing! I think we’d all get behind this boxed lunch event. I am always pleased to find someone’s fresh approach to something traditional and making it better.. and in this case, exponentially¬†better!

This table setting is effortlessly elegant. I love the use of color and the different patterns and textures that cover the table. The simple wildflower arrangements scattered around the table add a wonderful touch of nature and the tomatoes used as decor add a hint of that “farm to table” atmosphere.

The boxed lunches are filled with¬†biscuits, sweet potato wedges, tomato sandwiches and other delicious things. You can get creative with the food you include and your food choices can incorporate your theme. If you were doing a French theme you could pack these lunches with cheeses, baguettes, small sandwiches, etc. Just make sure whatever foods you include won’t get soggy or squished because no one wants that.

Chic Boxed Lunch Party Idea

Often it is the little embellishments that make all the difference when you are hosting a lunch. Adding a note inside the box is a wonderful surprise for guest and will have them admiring your attention to detail. You can write the same message on the inside of every box or personalize it for each guest.

Cute Boxed Lunch Party Idea

A great space saving trick when setting the table is giving objects multiple purposes. In this case, the box serves as the menu, place card, and the “plate” leaving space on the table for flowers, candles, and other complimentary decor.

This chic boxed lunch idea can be used for so many events! You can play off this idea for so many different occasions like a bridal shower or a baby shower. I can’t wait for my next boxed lunch event!!!

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