Christmas Wish List on Pinterest

Pinterest Wish List

This year I thought it might be a good idea to use Pinterest to create, maintain, and share my Christmas wish list. The Pinterest platform works perfectly for creating wish lists. All you have to do is create a board, pin your wish list items, and include sizes/colors in the comment section. Make sure to pin items from websites that will be easy for people to place orders from. I tried to stick with major websites like Nordstroms, Amazon, Sepohora, etc.

Once you have populated your board you can share the link via email with your family members. Include a little description in the email that explains that when they click on the image it will link them directly to the website. Also mention that you included sizes, colors and other information in the comments under each pin. They will love having the Pinterest wish list because the guessing and hassle of Christmas shopping will be greatly reduced. They will no longer have to go shopping blindly looking for an item that they have a vague description of. They will know exactly where they can purchase the item and won’t have to meander aimlessly around the mall.

Using Pinterest to create a Christmas wish list will make it easier for everyone. You can also ask your relatives to create a wish list board of their own. You can check out my wish list on Pinterest by clicking here.

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