Couples Party Idea: States and Dates

50 States and A Date Party!


Each guest will bring a date and together will dress like a state. They can take it literally and dress in the shape of the state, or dress as the state flower, famous sports team, etc. But guests are not allowed to dress as their own state!


50 States and a Date

Please Join Us on May 10, 2011

Please bring a date of your choice ( please if you are married bring your spouse)

Together you will pick a state and come dressed as that state. 

Creativity will be awarded!

Drinks and Snacks will be served.

Costume Ideas:

  • Kansas: Dorothy and the Scare Crow
  • Texas: Cowboy and Cowgirl
  • Kentucky: Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Massachusetts: Ivy League Students
  • Nevada: Vegas Couple
  • Hawaii: Hula Girl and Guy
  • Alaska: Eskimos

Preparation/ Ideas:

  • Print out a list of the state abbreviations with room to write the full state name beside it. Print one for each couple.
  • Come up with a prize for the winner of the state abbreviation game, perhaps a USA travel book.
  • Pick snacks that represent states:¬†cheese- Wisconsin, corn- Kansas, pineapple- Hawaii
  • Take polariod photos of every couple!
  • At the party, gather everyone for the abbreviated state list game. Hand each couple a sheet of paper and whoever finishes first will receive the prize.

*Alcohol Variation*

You can also make this more of an adult party by calling it Forties, 50 States and A Date. Basically all party preparation remains the same except each pair has to drink a forty of beer and then correctly fill in a map of the United States. The couple that completes it first will receive a small prize.

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