Easy Jewelry Display

 Jewelry Hang

In my old apartment I used simple pushpins to hang my jewelry on the wall, but decided to do something a bit more creative in my new apartment.

Using clear pushpins, scrapbook floral embellishments, cupcake liners, and a hot glue gun I was able to create an adorable jewelry display on my wall. My bedroom colors are green and orange so I was thrilled to find these orange flowers and green cupcake liners that matched my bedding. This jewelry display is so easy to make and costs less than $5!

I used hot glue to adhere the flowers to the pushpins and flattened out the cupcake liners using the edge of a book. I used extra pushpins to hammer the holes in the wall using the cupcake liners to make sure the spacing was correct. Once all the holes were hammered in I exchanged the basic pushpins with the embellished ones. Simple as that!

This trick can work in any style bedroom. All you have to do is find cupcake liners that go with your color theme and pick complimentary embellishments. At this affordable price the possibilities are endless!


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