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One Line A Day Journal Makes For A Great Gift

There is something I like to refer to as the circle-of-gifting. And no, I am not referring to re-gifting so get your mind out of the dirty gifting gutter. The circle-of-gifting is when you receive a gift yourself, fall in love with it, and then end up buying the exact same gift to give to someone else.

The One Line A Day Journal is a great example of the circle-of-gifting. Two years ago, my roommate in college, Maddie, gave me the One Line A Day Journal for my birthday. She thought I would like to keep a journal but knew that a traditional journal would be a bit daunting for me and I would likely stop after a week or two. She knows me well : )

The One Line A Day Journal was the perfect gift for me. Only being “asked” to write one line a day makes it really easy to stay up to date with the journal. I keep it next to my bed and write in it as part of my bedtime routine.

The One Line A Day Journal has enough space for five years.┬áDuring my first year with the journal I skipped a few weeks here and there but in general did a pretty good job of filling it out. Now that I am on the second year, I am so grateful for each of my past entries and have made an effort not to skip days. Seeing where I was or what I was doing exactly a year ago is a really neat comparison. I’ve started to even notice some patterns just in these two years and a couple funny coincidences. For instance, I wrote an entry and then read what I had done the year before on that day… I had dinner with the same friend at the same restaurant!

I have been so taken by the journal and ended up giving it as a gift to my dear friend Kate for her birthday this year. She has heard me talk about it and was so excited to have her very own One Line A Day Journal. The circle-of-gifting at its best : )

The One Line A Day Journal would make a great holiday gift for a new college student so they can remember the “glory days” or perhaps to a new mom so they can quickly jot down all the joys that come with parenting. But really, the One Line A Day Journal would make a great gift for just about anyone.

You can find the One Line A Day Journal on Amazon, Anthropologie, or at Barnes & Noble by clicking here.

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