Gift Idea: The Callet

I was out at the bar the other night, fumbling through my clutch looking for my credit card and dropped my phone on the wet bar counter. Luckily my phone survived but I was not going to risk it again. I decided to store my credit card behind my cell phone case so I could avoid this frustration later in the night. And then I saw it… my prayers were answered by the Callet!

The Callet is a cell phone case and wallet in one. The case has two sleeves to store your ID, credit card, or cash. The Callet comes in multiple colors and fits on Blackberries and iPhones. If you have a friend that often misplaces their wallet this would be a great gift for them. The Callet would also make a great gift for a 21 year-old who will soon frequent the bars. Wrap it up and share this gift! To learn more about the Callet click here.

I want to personally thank whoever invented this amazing accessory!


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