Graduation Cards

Geeky Grad Card – $3.50

This card is made by Marisa owner of Mad Design. I love the simplistic humor of this card and the bright blue envelope that accompanies it. You can purchase the Geeky Grad Card by clicking here.

The World Is Your Oyster Card – $4.00

This is a fun graduation card that will put a smile on any graduate’s face. The message on the inside of the card says, (ignore the slime) Find the Pearl. What a great message! Jennifer Pulver, the designer of this card and owner of Me-Do-Kids, has created a clever collection of cards for any occasion. To purchase The World Is Your Oyster Card click here.

Graduation Card – $3.75

Can you believe this is a card?! Props to Ragtag Paper designer Lynda Lory. The message on the inside reads, to happy endings and new beginnings. Congratulations! This is one of those cards that you will keep for a long time. To purchase this Graduation Card click here.

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