Guitar Hero Cake

This Guitar Hero Cake is really easy to make. Seriously, my roommate and I made this cake in our tiny dorm room using only a plastic spoon and knife.


  • 2 Cake Mixes ( plus the ingredients needed for the mix)
  • Kit Kat Bar
  • M&M’s
  • Starbursts ( tropical and regular)
  • Mentos
  • Chocolate Cookie Stick
  • 1 Can Vanilla Frosting
  • 2 Cans Chocolate Frosting
  • 2 Large Disposable Aluminum Baking Pans


Step 1: Make the two cakes following the package instructions. Let cool.

Step 2: Outline the shape of the body of the guitar with the knife on one of the cakes. You can look up images online to help you sketch the shape. When you are satisfied with the outlined guitar shape carefully cut out the guitar. Cut out the handle of the guitar using the other cake. (Note: you will have lots of left over cake, which may come in handy if you need to patch up the shape.)

Step 3: Arrange the guitar handle and the guitar body on the platter you will use to serve the cake. If you need a large flat surface to put the cake on consider using a storage box lid. That is what we did and just covered it with aluminum foil. Attach the handle to the guitar body using frosting. Frost the whole cake with chocolate frosting. Then add the vanilla frosting center (make sure to use lots of frosting).

Step 4: Add the details. Using the extra frosting attach the 6 brown colored M&M’s to the top of the guitar handle. Then add the Starburst buttons (make sure they are in the correct order).  Break the Kit Kat bar into two pieces and position them in the middle of the white section. You can fill the seam with chocolate frosting. Using vanilla frosting attach the two white mentos and the chocolate stick.

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