My Favorite Flats – Halogen ‘Callie’ Flats

Comfortable Flats

I have my mom to thank for introducing me to my new favorite pair of shoes. I was getting ready for my best friend’s wedding and remembered the reception was outside on the grass. I was already nervous about my speech and the last thing I needed to worry about were my heels sinking into the grass. I asked my mom if she could run out and get me a pair of flats and she came back with these nude Halogen ‘Callie’ Flats. I changed into them at the reception and they were really comfortable at first but then started to feel a bit tight on my heel. I still danced the whole night so they weren’t that uncomfortable.

The week after the wedding I decided to give the shoes another shot because I loved how they looked. I realized that the elastic just needed to be worn in a bit. After wearing them twice they became my most comfortable pair of flats. I wear them to work all the time… probably a bit too much! I refuse to wear sneakers walking to work so I wear these Halogen flats and never complain about my feet hurting. I also wear these flats out on the weekends and if someone spills beer on them I just wipe them off. These really are some magical, wearable, look-great-with-anything, comfortable shoes.

I basically live in these shoes, which is why I will be asking for another pair for Christmas. If you want to have adorable and comfortable shoes check out the Halogen ‘Callie’ Flats. You can add them to your Christmas wish list or purchase them now by clicking here.

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