Have a Little Fun Wrapping Expensive Gifts

Surprise Wrapping

Want to bring an element of surprise to your gift giving this Christmas? My trickster father discovered the biggest surprises can be accomplished just by being a clever gift wrapper.

My dad often will wrap the “big” gifts in deceiving boxes or packages. One year he got a beautiful designer bag for my mom but knew if he put it under the tree wrapped in the designer tissue she wouldn’t be as surprised. That year my mom had repeatedly told my dad she didn’t want a new computer for Christmas. It is important to know that my dad is a huge fan of purchasing electronics for gifts, even if the recipient isn’t necessarily interested in receiving one. So my sly father played to this and put the designer bag inside a computer box and then wrapped it up.

On Christmas morning my mom unwrapped the present from my dad to find a computer box. She wasn’t thrilled but was gracious and thanked him for the new, but not needed, computer. He acted so excited and told her to take the computer out to show everyone. She reluctantly opened the computer box and her face quickly changed when she saw the beautiful bag. She was shocked, excited, and relieved to not have a new computer. The false wrapping trick was a success!

My dad has done this a couple of times with different large gifts and it is always a big surprise. This year have some fun and wrap up the “big” gift in a fake package… maybe even grab the video camera!

WARNING: never do this trick in the reverse! One year I saw a huge Tiffany’s box under the tree with my name on it. For days I couldn’t wait to open it up and see what was inside. You can image my disappointment when I found the box contained cookies. They were delicious but my expectations were so high it was a bit of a bummer. Please never make this mistake!

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