How To Throw A Care Package Social

After you send your kid off to college you aren’t likely to run into the parents that you spent hours with at football games or PTA meetings.  A great way to stay in contact with these friends is to host a care package making party. Invite all of your kids’ friends’ moms or dads over to enjoy a night of care package making and catching up. Ideally this event will become a monthly social and the host will rotate but since you will be the first to get the tradition going make sure to send out some fun invites.

How To Make The Invitations:

Since the idea  behind the gathering is to make care packages, send mini care packages out as invites. For each invite, fill a small box with an invitation and nice chocolates. Here is a suggestion for the invitation  ( you will need to add the date, time and location).

Isn’t it nice to get something sweet in the mail?

Let’s get together and make care packages to send to our kids.

Please bring something to add to each care package. I will provide the boxes and tape.

Whether it is a homemade treat, dorm decoration or socks please bring __10__ so everyone will get one.

Our package making assembly line will be fueled with wine and desserts.

Look forward to seeing you then!

How To Prepare:

  1. A few days before, you need to purchase boxes, packing tape, stationary, wine and some small desserts.
  2. Before the guests arrive, tape the boxes together ( leaving the top open).
  3. Set up an assembly line with the boxes laid out so each guest can easily add their items.
  4. Lay the stationary out on the table and write the name of each child on an envelope.
  5. Set the wine and wine glasses on the counter next to the desserts.

What To Do At The Party:

Have everyone go around an place their item into each of the boxes. Have everyone write a little message on the notecards explaining why they picked their gift. Tape up the boxes and have the perspective parent write their child’s address on the box.You can either ship them yourself, or ask your guest to throw in $5 for shipping.

One More Idea:

My friend Annie’s mom has done countless care package socials like this one. But once a year they have all the dads put together the care packages. These care packages are always entertaining… the last one was filled with ninjas and squirt guns!

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