Letters to The Troops Table

Letters To The Troops Table Idea - Fourth of July

Idea Behind The Letters To The Troops Table

Over the past few months I have been inspired by the amazing strength of our servicemembers and their families. I wanted to do something to thank and recognize our troops and came up with the idea to set up this Letters To The Troops Table.

Letters to the Troops Table Idea


The Letters To The Troops Table provides writing material for friends and family to write notes to a loved soldier or an entire troop. Sometimes people are discouraged from writing letters because they don’t know the address but with this setup your guests won’t have to worry about that. You can place all the finished letters in one large package at the end of the event and address it yourself. Standard postage rates apply even for troops serving overseas.

The Letters To The Troops Table would be great to set up at a Fourth of July BBQ or neighborhood gathering. If you have a spouse, friend, or neighbor serving you can have a photo of them framed on the table and a note with details from their latest update. This idea would also be really sweet at a wedding where a special servicemember couldn’t be in attendance.

Letter to the Troops Patriotic Table

What You Will Need

Creating this Letters To The Troops Table is easy to do. When setting up the table find a patriotic table cloth that is smooth enough to write on. Provide cards, envelopes, and pens for guests to write their notes. Having a sign in front of the table or hanging above the table will catch their attention and clearly explain what the table is there for. You can have photos of the soldier or troop framed on the table as decoration. If you have an update or letters you are willing to share you can have those on the table as well. Have a real mailbox for guests to put their finished letters in.

Letters to the Troops Idea


I want to thank Red Letter Paper Company, Scrapping Dahlias, and The Iris and The Bee for donating cards for the troops and the shoot. Each card company was featured in an individual post on Holiday Helpings so if you would like more information about the cards featured and where to purchase them click on the following links:

Patriotic Thank You Cards by Red Letter Paper Company

Patriotic Cards by Scrapping Dahlias

‘Merica Cards by The Iris and The Bee

 Write Letters to the Troops


All these spectacular photos were taken by Marissa Winchester, associate photographer at Sweet Poppy Studios. Marissa helped translate my pencil sketches and scattered thoughts into beautiful photos capturing the look and feel I had envisioned. I had so much fun working with her and am so excited to feature her photos on Holiday Helpings.

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