Military Greeting Cards


A close friend of mine was deployed to Afghanistan in November and I love sending him letters. Over the past couple months of his deployment I have settled on mediocre cards but decided it was time to step it up in the card department. That is when I found the shop Mail Call on Etsy. Mail Call is a military greeting card shop filled with sassy, insightful, and in-the-know cards. The Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat M.R.E.s card first caught my attention because I had just learned that M.R.E.s meant meals ready to eat. I felt pretty special having some knowledge of the military abbreviation, thank you Jon!

Mail Call has a variety of military greeting cards for any occasion and for anyone you know serving in the military. The cards are super sturdy and high quality so they can withstand almost any mailing condition. Susie and Michael were kind enough to give all of my readers a coupon code for their shop! Use the coupon code HOLIDAYHELPINGS to get 10% off your order. To start shopping click here.

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