My New Favorite Wrapping Trick

I have always been a fan of buying wrapping paper for every occasion. However, I realized how expensive this habit was when I went to college. I also realized that all the wrapping paper was taking up space in my tiny closet… and my pile of shoes outside my closet was growing larger by the day. I needed to rethink my storage situation. My initial solution was to get rid of all the wrapping paper, which meant wrapping birthday gifts with bathroom paper towels. I don’t suggest you try this wrapping “technique” at home! I didn’t discover or appreciate the power of simple brown craft paper until this year.

Reasons Why I Love Brown Craft Paper:

Reason 1: It Saves Money

Basic brown craft paper costs about $5 and has almost twice as much paper on the roll compared to normal wrapping paper. Most wrapping paper rolls cost between $4 and $10. And if you get seasonal wrapping paper you need about 10 rolls to accommodate every occasion, which can be costly. I found that you can make basic brown craft paper fit for any occasion by adding ribbon. Ribbon usually costs about $3 a roll and you can often find ribbon on sale. Not only are you saving money on wrapping paper but you are also saving money on ribbon! Let compare the two options.

Option 1: Wrapping Paper:

10 rolls @ $5

10 types of ribbon @ $3

Grand Total = $80

Option 2: Craft Paper:

1 roll @ $5

10 types of ribbon @ $3

Grand Total = $35


Reason 2: It Takes Up Less Space

Wrapping paper is awkward and hard to store. You usually have to invest in a wrapping paper holder, which is bulky and not that useful. You eliminate the wasted storage space by only having one roll of wrapping paper. You can invest part of the money you would have spent on a wrapping paper storage box and purchase a few ribbon organizers. These little organizes take up very little space and will keep your ribbon tidy and easily accessible.

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