Outdoor Salad Serving Idea

keep bugs away from your salad this summer

It’s Summer which means lots of outdoor parties… and also bugs. Nobody likes bugs flying around and landing in their food so as a host it is important to make sure this doesn’t happen. I found this simply genius outdoor salad serving idea on 4 Men 1 Lady. Serving salad in a glass jar with a lid will keep the bugs out and will look nice on your table. Guests can see the beautiful salad contents and won’t have to fight the bugs away.

You can wrap the salad jars with burlap ribbon and add a colorful food label. If you are doing an outdoor beach gathering you could attach a starfish and write the label right on the starfish. There are lots of ways to incorporate this salad serving idea into your summer party theme.

photo credit: 4 Men 1 Lady

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