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Unlike most college freshman I was paired with an amazing roommate my freshman year in the dorm. Maddie and I ended up living together for all four years of college, have traveled around the world, and are still best friends.

On a trip to Washington D.C. our freshman year we created what we refer to as the roommate heart (see photo below). We have taken photos all around the world doing the roommate heart and even dressed up like a best friend heart necklace for Halloween one year.

For Maddie’s 23rd birthday I wanted to find a gift that represented our roommate heart tradition. I realized a stylized version of a friendship heart necklace was a bit cheesy and we probably wouldn’t wear it. Instead I found this beautiful personalized custom initial 14k gold bracelet by Frosted Willow on Etsy. You can customize these bracelets to have your initial on the outside and a hiden initial on the inside. So I customized a bracelet for Maddie with an “M” on the outside and a “T” on the inside. I also ordered the reverse for myself. It was the perfect homage to the roommate heart.

I love the bracelet and wear mine all the time. I am even considering ordering another one with the heart symbol on the outside. This bracelet would make a great birthday gift, bridesmaid gift, or even a gift to yourself!

Check out Frosted Willow’s personalized gold bracelet by clicking here. Make sure to look around because Katrin, owner of Frosted Willow, makes some other amazing pieces that would be great gifts as well.

roommate heart

 photo credit: (1) (2) me

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