Obsessed with Pinch Provisions

Pinch Provisions

I have been obsessed with Pinch Provisions (formally known as Ms. & Mrs.) Minimergency Kit ever since my mom gave me one as a gift. There are 17 essentials packed into the Minimergency Kit and over the last year I have used all but 3! If you are in a bind, or a pinch, the Minimergency Kit has you covered.

I was flustered when I got to my sister’s law school graduation and realized I had lost an earring back… then I remembered I had one in my Minimergency Kit. I was panicked when I realized my new work skirt had a tear down the back… but then I remembered I had a mending packet in my Minimergency Kit. I was a mess when I realized I had forgotten to pack my deodorant in my gym bag before I had a big meeting… but then I remembered I had a deodorant towellete in my Minimergency Kit. I can go on for days about how many times the Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit has saved my day! That is why I never leave home without it!!!

The best part about the Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit is how compact it is. The Minimergency Kit has everything you need and the whole thing fits into almost any purse. The kits come in tons of fun colored cases and the Glitter Minimergency Kits are perfect for the holidays.

Pinch Provisions

The Minimergency Kit made me realize how much less stressful life can be when you are prepared. There were a couple things I put into my Minimergency Kit that I often left home without but always needed. There is some extra space in the Minimergency Kit case so I added a thick hair tie, some bobby pins, and allergy medicine.

Everyone should own a Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit. If you are reading this post and don’t have one… you need to get one right away! The Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kits also make great gifts! The Glitter Minimergency Kit would fit perfectly into a Christmas stocking this holiday. Or, if you are getting married and looking for bridesmaid gifts Pinch Provisions has you covered.

I am in love with Pinch Provisions and just can’t say enough positive things about the company and products. Check out Pinch Provisions online by clicking here.

photo credit: pinchprovisions.com

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