Sprinkles, Sharpies, and a Mason Jar

Sprinkles, Sharpies, and a Mason Jar... perfect for birthday parties, wrapping stations, and everyday celebrations.

If you follow Holiday Helpings on Pinterest or know me personally, you know how much I love Sprinkles, Sharpies, and Mason Jars! So you can imagine how hard it was for me to contain my giddy excitement when I saw my three favorite things functionally used together.

After the initial giddiness surpassed I couldn’t help but think to myself… how come I didn’t think of that?! Seriously! I have plentiful supplies of all three items at my house yet never saw them working together in such harmony until now.

This is a great use of supplies and can be incorporated into a variety of settings. I know for one, I’ll be sprucing up my wrapping station by adding sprinkles to my sharpie mason jar. You could also do this at your office… that is, if you trust yourself not to knock it over. This also works for birthday parties, drink stations where you have guests label their cups, etc.

You can also make these jars more seasonal by using specific holiday colored sprinkles and corresponding sharpies. Imagine how cute this would be at a holiday cookie exchange!

photo credit: Pinterest.com

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