Table Decorations For Easter

Easter Centerpiece

Wouldn’t these make adorable table decorations for Easter? These cheerful centerpieces were originally used for decorations at a pajama party but I think the concept translates nicely for Easter.

Recreating this look should be easy. All you have to do is fill the jars with fruit loops and bubble gum and add the tulips. This would make a great last minute Easter decoration too if you are in a bind!

I was so inspired by these centerpieces that I came up with a slight variation that I will try this Easter. I am going to make three centerpieces  like the bubble gum one featured in the center. I will fill two jars with yellow bubble gum and one jar with pink bubble gum. Then I am going to finish off the centerpieces using pink and yellow tulips. I think the color combination will add a wonderful Spring feel to the table.

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