Terramundi Money Pots

Money Pot

I was first introduced to Terramundi Money Pots at the adorable Fleur de Lys shop in Orange County. There were about twenty Terramundi Money Pots on a shelf in the store and I was captivated by their simple form and vivid colors. Terramundi Money Pots have been used in Italy for over 2000 years and their hand thrown design has remained unchanged.

The tradition behind these money pots is you write out a wish and drop it into the money pot with the first coin. You must fill the money pot before smashing it open, at which time your wish will come true. They can hold up to $500 in coins!

Terramundi Money Pots make beautiful gifts for any occasion. You can give a Terramundi Money Pot as a wedding gift so the happy couple can save up for their first anniversary. Or you could give it to a recent graduate to save up for a trip. This is a great gift to have in your gift closet.

photo credit: nonihomeandbath.com

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