The 100th Post!

I can’t believe this will be the 100th post on Holiday Helpings! I am so proud of how this blog has developed and I wanted the 100th post to be extra special. I thought the best way to celebrate this achievement was to recognize all the work that has been put into the last 99 posts. Every post has a story behind it or a special memory so I decided to highlight my 5 favorite posts.

Top 5 Favorite Posts:

My First Post:

The My Story post was the first post I ever wrote. The first post for any blog is the foundation and I spent hours making sure the post was perfect. I remember sitting on my sister’s couch at her apartment rewriting and rewriting until I was finally pleased with the end result. Back then I thought no one would ever see my blog, boy was I wrong!

Halloween Postcard Costume:

The reason I am so fond of the Postcard Costume post is because I had so much fun wearing the costume. I remember sitting in the common room of our house painting our postcards. Maddie is an exceptional artist and painted the stunning South Africa postcard… Clare and I struggled a bit more. We made our own stamps for the back of the postcards and all decided to wear black. I had so much fun that night with my two friends and you can see how happy we are in this photo. Being a postcard for Halloween was one of my all time favorite costumes!

Fresh Lemon Blossom Gift Tags:

I love the Lemon Blossom Gift Tag post. Miki, the owner of Fresh Lemon Blossoms, was so sweet and sent me a few of her gift tags to be featured on my blog. This was one of my earlier posts and I was so grateful to have someone believe in my blog. I remember opening the package from Fresh Lemon Blossoms and showing all of my housemates how adorable and well-crafted these gift tags were. I will always have a special place in my heart and gift wrapping room for Fresh Lemon Blossom products!

Reusable Cupcake Toppers For Any Occasion:

I have many fond memories of the Reusable Cupcake Topper post. I remember the open market in Cape Town, South Africa where I admired all of these handmade figures. There were thousands and I carefully selected my favorite ones. When I got back home I spent all day baking cupcakes and decorating them. I was so proud of the cupcakes that I wouldn’t let anyone eat them and eventually we had to throw them away. But I kept the figures and have used them multiple times since.

Happy Valentine’s Day:

The adorable couple featured in the Valentine’s Day post are related to my roommate and dear friend Emily. Emily’s sister and brother-in-law had just been married and I loved all of the photos from their wedding. I asked if I could feature them on Holiday Helpings and they agreed. I also included a poem I had written when I was much younger called “Silly Little Wish.” It was a lovely Valentine’s Day post!

Holiday Helpings wouldn’t be a success without my dedicated followers. I appreciate all of your support!

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