The Iris and The Bee

Merica card by The Iris and The Bee

You gotta love this card! The Iris and The Bee designed this ‘Merica card while apparently listening to Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA.” It doesn’t get much more ‘merican than that!

This card has three things going for it (1) it says ‘Merica, not America, ‘Merica (2) it has a mustache… a stars and stripes mustache and (3) it has those awesome black shades. I just love this card so much!

The ‘Merica card by The Iris and The Bee was donated for the troops and was used in the photo shoot last weekend. This card will also be featured in an upcoming post with more photos from the shoot.

If you would like to purchase this ‘Merica card and check out other cards by The Iris and The Bee click here.

photo credit: Marissa Winchester, Sweet Poppy Studios

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