Three Essentials For April Showers

April showers bring May flowers… but until the flowers come it is important to be prepared for the showers! Be ready for the next rainy day with my three favorite rainy day essentials. 

Essential #1: Tory Burch Foundation Umbrella – – $58

This Tory Burch Foundation Umbrella is the perfect rainy day accessory! The blue sunflower design adds a chic element to the umbrella. This umbrella will brighten your day and others because all of the profits go to the Tory Burch Foundation. The Tory Burch Foundation is committed to providing economic opportunities to women and their families.

Essential #2: MICHAEL Michael Kors Trench – – $115

What I love about Michael Kors as a designer is his commitment to making simple and stylish basics like this Hooded Trench. This Hooded Trench is perfect to wear over any outfit and comes in black and khaki. I also love that this trench has a hood attached which really comes in handy on rainy days!

Essential #3: Original Tall Hunter Boots – – $125

I love my orange Hunter Boots because they are fashionable and functional. Hunter Boots come in a wide variety of colors. When I was deciding between a pair in Navy or Orange the salesman told me that Hunter Boots make a statement and you should go with a statement color. I wore my orange Hunter Boots out of the store and did some more shopping and was complimented on the color in every store! I was so pleased with my decision that I went back to thank the salesman for his advice.

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