Tie It Together: Wrapping Ideas For Father’s Day

Use ribbon to create a necktie on any gift box for Father’s Day. It is simple, all you have to do is tie a ribbon around a package and cut the bottom into a point. So simple and cute. Learn more at PaperCrave.com or by clicking here.

Aren’t these adorable!? I love the variety of colors and patterns used to make these Father’s Day Shirt and Gift Tie Boxes. You can find instructions on how to make these gift boxes on PaperCrave.com or by clicking here.

Tie your Father’s Day gift with a real bow tie! Bow ties fit around most small gift boxes and can be an extra gift for your dad. Check out this Father’s Day wrapping idea by clicking here.

For more Father’s Day ideas visit Holiday Helping’s Pinterest boards by clicking here.

photo credit: (1) papercrave.com (2) papercrave.com (3) marthastewart.com

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