Use Fresh Lemon Blossom Gift Tags When Wrapping Your Gifts With Brown Craft Paper

I was looking on for ways to add some more spunk to my brown paper wrapping trick and stumbled upon Fresh Lemon Blossom gift tags. It was love at first sight! These gift tags are unique, well-made and adorable! When I got them in the mail I couldn’t wait to show them off, ¬†and now I am sharing them with you!

What I love about using these colorful gift tags is that they add a theme to regular gifts. For instance, I wrapped up a book with craft paper and raffia but it was missing something. Then I added theSkull and Crossbones Red Halloween Gift Tag and it took on a whole new look. I also used the Ahoy Sailboat Gift Tag and Bitty Scallop Heart Gift Tag on the other books I was wrapping up. The gift tags become the focal point!

Since I have spent so much time on this website, I thought I should summarize my “research” by sharing some of my other favorite gift tags. I narrowed it down to 5…

  1. Bonjour Blush Hydrangea Gift Tags
  2. Fall Foliage Leaf Gift Tags
  3. Wicked Green Gift Tags
  4. Simply Snowflakes Turquoise Gift Tags
  5. Gratitude Fall Colored Gift Tags

I adore the company, Fresh Lemon Blossom, and the products so much! Trust me when I say your time will not be wasted if you visit this site. There are new fall gift tags up that will have you wrapping up everything in your house this season!

Want to purchase Fresh Lemon Blossom gift tags? Click here.

Want to learn more about using craft paper to save money and space? Click here.

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