Watermelon Slices on a Popsicle Stick

watermelon slices

The warm weather has me excited for all the upcoming outdoor cookouts and summer BBQs. It still may be a tad bit early to share summer inspiration on Holiday Helpings but I just can’t resist. I have no will power when it comes to waiting to share great ideas.

Watermelon is often the star of the cookout table with its vibrant colors and refreshingly delicious taste. Watermelon is usually served on a plate or in a fruit salad but there are so many other ways to highlight this juicy summer favorite. For instance, try serving watermelon slices on a popsicle stick. Just cut the watermelon into triangles, cut a slit for the popsicle stick, and insert the popsicle stick. Simple as that!

photo credit: aprettylittlelifeinthesuburbs.com

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