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Wedding Favor Idea - Rustic

When deciding what to do as a wedding favor think about what your guests will like and actually use. There is no point wasting money on little trinkets that your guests will throw away as soon as they get back to their hotel.  Which is why I love this wedding favor idea from Black Eiffel.

Provide a fresh selection of farmer’s market items for your guests as a wedding favor. Most likely your wedding guests will have burned some serious calories on the dance floor and will be grateful to have their pick of healthy snacks to take back to their hotel room. Not to mention, the extra tote bag may come in handy for guests who’ve collected extra items on their trip that won’t fit into their suitcase.

You can offer your guests a selection of fresh breads, cheese, and berries. If most of your guests are local you can also offer some flowers and herbs for them to pick from. Depending on your budget you can make your own tote bags or have some custom made with your wedding logo or initials.

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